About Yehuda Oratz

Yehuda Oratz is a branding specialist, conceptual strategist and accomplished graphic designer based in Lakewood, New Jersey with a focus on consistent design solutions for established brands and new startups. He completed his diploma in Graphic Design from Bloomfield College.

Yehuda explores and experiments with science through his artwork and seeks fresh ways of perceiving and portraying the mundane. He is an inspiration for all creative minds.

Yehuda Oratz Lakewood is an ambitious creative with a strong vision and distinctive eye for style. In his work he’s concept driven, takes an active role in his design community and his demonstrated commitment to his clients makes him easy to work with. A positive impact is his main priority, seen through his energy, enthusiasm and inspiration. Yehuda’s passion is obvious in everything he does.

In addition to his strong vision, Yehuda Oratz has a distinctive sense of style that makes him stand out from the crowd. Known for his concept-driven work, his involvement in his design community, and his dedication to clients, he is easy to work with. Through his energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration, he aims to make a positive impact on the world. The passion Yehuda has for what he does is evident in everything he does.

With a strong emphasis on typography and geometric, simple shapes, his design projects always inspire. His award-winning portfolio, which has garnered the attention of numerous brands and award panels, is testament to his hugely imaginative style, inspired by daydreams, travel, and an obsession with colour.


Early Beginnings

Like many other designers Yehuda Oratz started studying graphic design without fully understanding what it entails. He can thank his high school band for his beginnings. In order to have the right to play, Yehuda was forced to sell a certain number of tickets. To successfully solicit random teens outside of hot topic, he had to create band logos, posters, and merchandise, re-design the tickets, and learn some HTML for his Myspace page. One day, he discovered the existence of Photoshop and Illustrator. Then he began studying these programs by following online tutorials.


Yehuda Oratz’s Approach to Design

Yehuda Oratz tries to approach design from an honest point of view. If you’re branding a product, it should highlight all of the reasons someone might want to buy it (e.g. useful, ergonomic, culturally rich, beautiful, etc.) rather than create an illusion of filling the role of something it doesn’t. The market is over-saturated with lifestyle brands that market objects as extravagant. If we’re good at our job, we’re communicating significant ideas that are specific to the project.


Artistic Inspiration

Yehuda’s inspiration comes from everything around him: music helps a lot, so does walking or looking at pictures. A detailed brief also helps, so he can better understand what the customer wants. The process begins by documenting the field, which is important from a cultural point of view. He learns many new things from working with every type of industry. Once the research is done, Yehuda Oratz Lakewood starts creating proofs by hand using a pencil or pen with his tablet. After he has made a selection of projects that stand out, he begins working in Illustrator.


What Makes Yehuda Oratz Stand Out from Other Designers?

Every designer has their own style. Yehuda Oratz tries to always put a little bit of his personality in every project whether it be a logo, a character or any other form of design, and he thinks that’s what makes him different from other designers.